2 min readJul 28, 2021


Through Chaos and Glory

Today I woke up to the birds of Antigua singing a beautiful tune. My bedroom walls are beautifully dressed in crisp white paint, curtains, and glass doors, everything so perfectly displayed.

As I moved the furniture on the patio for my daily practice of Yoga I glance over at the landscape that greets me. How do people wake up to so much beauty every day? I move through each pose just as a sun shower washes over me. How does God know to remove my tears from my heart at this moment? I feel my heart singing. I feel my lungs open up wide, each pose becomes even more fluid and effortless.

A step to freedom.

Is it the place or is it me?

I watch the sunrise as I allow myself 5 more seconds in savasana.

To breathe, to think.

My mindless cloudy moves at a pace that allows me to see things I’ve missed.

I’m not rushing, perfecting, building but mostly not fully surrendering. I feel the shift. And it’s not the place. It’s me. The place I sit is only a beautiful backdrop to the divine that already lives in me. Whether in NY or on the patio gazing out towards a rippling bay.

This constant symphony of chaos that plays in my mind.

Blending styles and rhythms no longer fit me.

In truth, it never did.

This chaos was always just in my mind.

Playing because I allowed it.

And I can stop it.

Today I choose to play a different song.

A Bossa nova filled with focus, the glories of my world, my mind, and my heart.

My purpose.




I’m one of the originals. If I had to choose a theme song it would be Biggie’s Kick In The Door. I live for #Blackpeople and revolution. CLAP FOR ME