Kill Your Master, Free Yourself

2 min readJun 2, 2020

Your #MondayDose (right on time 😙)

A few years back Issa said “ I’m rooting for Everybody Black “ and everyone cheered. After a lot of back and forth, it sank in that, we are not, nor should we be rooting for everyone Black. Because every Black person is not there for the cause of change.

On Outkasts Aquemini Andre asked “Now question is every ni99a with dreads for the cause? Is every ni99a with golds for the fall? Naw.”

And while on the surface it may appear Outkast was speaking only speaking about appearances, it’s so much deeper and relevant right now. Why? Because this weekend while Black people organized, rose up attacking a globally deep-rooted system of racism fueled by capitalism, your elected officials trotted out celebrities and strung together five Martin Luther King Jr. quotes in an effort to shame you on the ways you SHOULD fight for your freedom. I’m not rooting for those Black people.

These are some of the same people who rooted for the dismantling in Ferguson but when it got too close, they went to hide.

The orange menace tweeted about killing protestors, and these Black people thought to themselves “ Hmm the best thing I can do right now is shame Black people and their forms of protest”

Lesser than Z list celebrities asked through nasal chants what has GUCCI done to you? And why Rosa Parks couldn’t take a cab? And on and on it went.

And so yeah, No. All Black people don’t deserve your loyalty. They absolutely don’t deserve you rooting for them when they are rooting against your life. When they ask you to enjoy the scraps while they fill their own bellies and watch you starve.

Some day you’ll be asked to “Kill Your Masters” and he or she might look like you. Grab that sword and do it anyway.




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