2 min readJun 5, 2020


Dear Breonna,

Today should have been your 27th birthday, but you are no longer with us Today should have been your 27th birthday but you’re no longer with us, murdered in your sleep by police officers after serving your community during a global pandemic.

Today should have been filled with “OMG, I’m so much closer to 30, I can’t believe it " posts, followed by “LOL” from friends your age and “Girl, hush you’re still young” from the Aunties who are long removed from that age, but smile because they too remember the lead up to that magical age means and what it feels like. But instead it is filled with tears, and social media post from people you may have never met asking for justice.

Justice, because today on what should have been a celebration, two months after your state sanctioned murder there has been no movement.

The officers that took your life remain on administrative leave, but haven’t been charged.

The FBI has launched an investigation into your murder, but no arrests, no charges.

They’ve issued a bill in your name, but no charges.

The LMPD has released the chief and are “reviewing their protocols “ but still no arrests, no charges.

There has been a global shift, people have been in the streets protesting for 10 days and yet I sit here wondering

What will it take to get justice for a Black woman slain by a corrupt system?

What will it take for the people to demand swift actions for Black women ripped away from this world by the bloody hands of the oppressor?

What will it take to Say Her Name?

What will it take? What will it take? What will it take?




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