Yesterday was tumultuous.

Traveling makes me anxious.

Post covid there are so many loops and up and downs.

The plane is too cold.

I need to sleep.

I can’t eat or drink.

I’m not a world traveler for many reasons.

I like the ground.

Maybe that’s the Capricorn in me.

My first day anywhere

no matter the time of arrival has to be spent grounding myself.

I walk


I put my hands in water.

Touch trees.

I breathe

All the anxiety away.

I eat a little.

I bathe in the sun

I allow myself to smile at those that smile at me.

I free myself

I find myself


Through Chaos and Glory

Today I woke up to the birds of Antigua singing a beautiful tune. My bedroom walls are beautifully dressed in crisp white paint, curtains, and glass doors, everything so perfectly displayed.

As I moved the furniture on the patio for my daily practice of Yoga I…

Black Woman wearing red dress near a book shelf

When I was a little girl my favorite time of the year was summer, not only because I was out of school but because Summer BBQs allow me access to my heroines. Fueled by good food, stiff drinks, and sexy Black music I sat and listened to these amazing Black…

homegirls & handgrenades

In a recent conversation, a friend and I were discussing 2020 and what we’ve learned. She’d spent weeks taking professional certifications and licenses all while managing the inevitable anxiety of uncertainness during a pandemic. Without thinking I got a bit jealous my mind raced in an effort…

I’m Okay!

A phrase I've uttered more times in 2020 than I care to admit but have grown used to saying so as not to inconvenience the person on the other end of the question.

In regards to my job loss, I'm okay. Deep down early on I was not…

Black Motherhood In Times Of Quarantine

I’ve been working on a series that is close to my heart and important during this time. A project that centers Black mothers and their feelings during this global pandemic, something actively ignored by the mainstream media. I launched #Blackmotherhoodintimesofquarantine because despite the many ways Black women hold the world together we are ignored and treated as if we’re invisible.

While this project centers on mothers, I hope that the viewers and participants will understand and offer all Black woman space. Grant them grace. Stop asking them to lead so that non-black kids can “learn”. Open their eyes and see this world keeps spinning because of the constant work done despite being silenced at every turn.

You can view the project at Baobabwellness

+The Silence is Deafening

But why are you listening?

Over the last few weeks, as America has watched its proverbial chickens come home to roost, I have seen these words repeated over and over on social media. The first week I ignored it but the more silence, the more I…

I spent today in my garden. Pruning my lavender and rose bushes, pulling weeds, and cursing myself for not doing it weeks ago. At one point I pulled at a weed so hard it knocked me off my feet (I wasn’t standing but crouched down) and I just stayed there…

Dear Breonna,

Today should have been your 27th birthday, but you are no longer with us Today should have been your 27th birthday but you’re no longer with us, murdered in your sleep by police officers after serving your community during a global pandemic.

Today should have been filled with…


I’m one of the originals. If I had to choose a theme song it would be Biggie’s Kick In The Door. I live for #Blackpeople and revolution. CLAP FOR ME

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